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Introduction into renewable energy


Around the globe sustainability is shaping the culture of organisations in unfathomable and often unexpected ways.

The increasing demand for sustainable energy sources has placed the renewable energy sector at the forefront of sociological and economical change.


Pressures on energy sources.

As the pressure on traditional energy sources have accelerated and supplies depleted, the search for renewable energy becomes critical.

Growth in the renewables sector.

Now, the renewable energy sector gathers unstoppable momentum coupled with the ever-emerging support from governments and international corporations.

Demand for renewables staff.

The urgency for experienced talent in renewable energy is expanding exponentially.


Our sectors

In the face of environmental and sustainable adversity, OCC Renewables stand steadfast at the heart of professional renewable recruitment.

With continual international investment driving market growth, the demand for skilled professionals is thriving. Renewable energy organisations are recruiting specialists today to help develop solutions for tomorrow. This is the fundamental concept which energised our desire to recruit in renewable sectors.

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