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Training Day with the wonderful Andy Preston

23rd April 2024

Recruitment Training

Last week we sent all of our recruitment staff to Rookery Hall for a full day of sales training with the Stand Out Selling specialist Andy Preston.

Andy is a Recruitment, sales and motivational speaker from MANCHESTER he is a sales influencer and a master sales trainer.

Following on from staff 1:1 and appraisals I collated all the needs and requests for training and attempted to put it all together in an initial full day of training for all of our recruitment staff. OCC are dedicated to training and personal development and now have the correct measures in place to enhance our commitment to  each member of staff on and on going basis. It has been quite a journey to find the correct training package as there are so many online packages and the minefield of trainers became overwhelming. From my background working in sales  for Carlsberg Tetley, we were trained ( back in the day ) face to face which was engaging, fun and personal – this is what we wanted! From my initial phone call with Andy I instantly liked him, I invited him into our offices to find out more about him and his long established experience and now business. From our meeting I believed he could deliver our training moving forward and his day of training with us did not disappoint. All  staff gave me wonderful feedback and now I can arrange the next tier of training on a more individual basis.

All in all a great start to our training package and the thank you to all our wonderful staff for their participation, commitment to learning and here’s to a very bright successful future.



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